Frequently Asked Questions

Find below a list of frequently asked questions. If you have a question that is not on our list, please feel free to contact us.

Judicial and Regulatory

QDoes North and South Carolina require adjuster licensing to adjust property and casualty claims?
Yes, both states and additionally North Carolina also requires 24 credit hours of insurance continuing education (CE) within a biennial compliance period, with required courses for flood and ethics. Reciprocating licensing arrangements for nonresident adjusters maintaining valid adjusters licensing and CE in other states may dovetail or satisfy these state requirements, additional to application and fee related processing.
QAre public adjusters subject to licensing requirement in the Carolinas?
Yes, either a resident or non resident license is required.
QWhat are the standards of negligence operational in the Carolinas?
North Carolina continuingly adheres to the doctrine of contributory negligence though the NC legislature has repeatedly entertained but not as yet passed modified comparative fault.  South Carolina is a comparative negligence state, where recovery is barred if the plaintiff’s negligence exceeds (51% or greater) that of the defendant.
QWhat are the measure of damages under real property policies in the Carolinas?
North Carolina subscribes to traditional ACV standard components. For South Carolina, a stated value doctrine is applicable in the case of total loss by fire where the insured is entitled to recover full amount of insurance, whereas a partial loss by fire or other perils recovery limited to the actual amount of loss.
QCan JCG Co represent us in the NC Residential Property Mediation Program?
Yes, we can if you are the insurer and where the program has been initiated, to wit a state of disaster has been declared for NC. We first participated in this program in 2011 for carrier clients following Hurricane Irene, which was the inaugural cat event initiating the program implementation.
QAre Member Companies responsible for adjusting NC Insurance Underwriting Association wind losses as result of a tropical storm as well as hurricane occurrences for policies on which they are essentially property carriers?
Yes, NCIUA as redefined catastrophic loss as ‘wind loss’ due to a ‘name’ storm, whether a tropical event or hurricane occurrence.
QCan insurers in SC retain unlicensed non-resident adjusters due to a significant storm or related event in that venue?
Not unless the SC Director of Insurance has declared an emergency and then only if insurers have maximized the use of SC licensed resident and non resident adjusters, and have filed appropriate application (s) to the SCDOI.
QAre there any landmark judicial bad faith decisions in the Carolinas that resonant from a first or third party carrier standpoint?
By no means to be considered other than a snapshot of the subject, Gray vs NC Ins. Underwriting Assn., 352 NC 61, 529 S.E.2d 676 (2000) had serious monetary and zero tolerance ramifications over what was seen as ‘adjuster shopping’ even as a singular incidence deemed a ‘general business practice’, and placing potential mortgage holder not listed on the policy on the settlement proceeds. In  James v. Horace Mann Ins. Co, 371 S.C.187, 638 S.E.2d 667 (S.C. 2006) misstating the law where coverage counsel should have been consulted in the early going and creating the illusion of coverage did not adjudicate well for the insurer.


QDoes JCG Co surcharge or charge a premium rate for after hour or weekend/holiday service?
No, we are pleased to assist and our regular rates apply 24/7 and irrespective of the venue.
QAre JCG Co adjusters available to represent insurer interests in mediations throughout the Carolinas?
Absolutely, merely provide what lead time you may have, a brief critique of the case, your contact numbers and we’ll provide you on-location conduit
QIf I as an individual have need of a Carolina based representative in an appraisal or mediation, is JCG Co retainable?
Sorry, we only represent the insurance community, carriers and self insurers.
QHow is JCG Co likened to a seasoned seafarer?
We navigate well the Carolina's shoals in times of foul weather and in the horse latitudes.
QWhat is the connection between Amelia Earhart, Babe Ruth, and James C. Greene Company?
The year 1932, when Earhart became the first female aviator to solo cross the Atlantic, and Babe Ruth hit his legendary ‘Called Shot Home Run’ against Cubs pitcher Charlie Root in Game 3 of the World Series. In that same year, James C. Greene Sr. rolled out his new adjusting company based in Raleigh, NC, where he operated from his top desk drawer, including his banking!

Cat Trivia

QWhen does the North Atlantic hurricane season begin and how have the Carolinas fared over the years?
The 'season' begins June 1st and lasts thru November 30th.

For the period 1851-2009, considering 18 Gulf and east coast states, North Carolina ranked 4th with 50 hurricanes behind Fla, Tx and La, and tied for 4th with NY as to major hurricanes with 12. South Carolina ranked 5th with 30 hurricanes and was tied for 7th with Alabama as to major such events.*
QWhat are the tropical metric standards?
Tropical storm- wind speed in excess of 39 mph
Hurricane- 74 mph or greater
Cat 1 Hurricane- 74-95 mph, storm surge 4-5 feet
Cat 2 Hurricane- 96-110 mph, storm surge 6-8 feet
Cat 3 Hurricane- 111-130 mph, storm surge 9-12 feet
Cat 4 Hurricane- 131-155 mph, storm surge 13-18 feet
Cat 5 Hurricane- 155 mph or greater, storm surge over 18 feet ****
QWhen and where were some of the early notable North Atlantic hurricanes?
June, 1586 Sir Frances Drake in an attempt to re-supply Walter Raleigh’s colony on Roanoke Island, NC (to be later known as the Lost Colony) encountered a hurricane of multi-day duration in Carolina waters which nearly dismantled his fleet**.

Slightly later, August, 1635 in New England, a storm post-event named 'The Great Colonial Hurricane', ravaged the Puritans only 14 years after their initial Thanksgiving celebration in Plymouth Colony.***
QWhich mid 20th century hurricane, with US landfall on the Carolinas border during lunar high tide being the initiating event drubbing the region for the decade 'Hurricane Alley', turned rogue maintaining hurricane status as it slammed thru the mid Atlantic and interior northeastern states and on into Canada?
Hurricane Hazel, October 15, 1954.**
QWhat series of southern US catastrophic events caused reports of the Mississippi River flowing backwards?
New Madrid earthquake, 1811-12.
*National Hurricane Center
**NORTH CAROLINA'S HURRICANE HISTORY, Fourth Edition by Jay Barnes, available June 2013. For more information:
****Saffir-Simpson Scale

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