Catastrophe Servicing

James C. Greene Co. has been servicing Carolina catastrophes throughout the decades, following such notable fall “events” as those below.

  • 1950: Hurricanes Hazel, Connie, Diane and Ione
  • 1960s: Hurricane Donna
  • 1980s: SC/NC Tandem Tornados, Hurricanes Diane and Hugo
  • 1990s: Storm of the Century,Hurricanes Fran, Bertha, Bonnie and Floyd
  • 2000s: Hurricanes Isabelle, Ophelia, Irene, and Matthew
  • 2010s: Hurricane Florence

Other catastrophic Carolina events include the spring “tandem tornadoes” in Eastern NC in 1984, the Storm of the Century in 1993 and numerous isolated hailstorms in our 80+ years on the map.

James C. Greene Company is an approved NCJUA/NCIUA Catastrophe Adjuster according to their 2019 listing, and has been an approved vendor since the listing was initiated. We have also participated as carrier representatives in the NC Residential Property Mediation Program when initiated.

It has been our general policy over the years to limit our territory to the Carolinas, Virginia, and Georgia thereby maximizing our resources and supervision. We know our territory well and are selective when enhancing our team of seasoned personnel in advance of or in the wake of a disaster. Most of our supplemental assistance is comprised of trusted individuals with whom we have an established working relationship.

Nevertheless, we are always seeking qualified, responsible individuals to assist us in these events. Our expectations include industry-acceptable estimating platform and professional demeanor. If you are interested in being part of our team, use one of the options below.

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