Our Standards

James C. Greene Company has long positioned as being a regional independent; this alignment affords our customers certain advantages. Our strategically placed network of locations and adjusters enhances expeditious service, due to reduced travel time and cost. Employing personnel native to an area provides aids in recruitment and minimizes turnover. Our top management is close to the action and can respond quickly. We know our landscape.

It is not our goal to simply undersell our competition; as a closely held corporation, we have no stock to sell, therefore, no pressure from stockholders nor need to generate earnings by 'quota production.' We are adaptive, quickly reacting to the frequented changing dynamics that define our industry.

Further Customer Benefits

  • Assignment Triage – A supervisory review that ensures complex or severe claims are assigned to the appropriate adjuster.
  • Timely Service & Communication – Our focus is responsiveness to your stipulations and within your cycle frames. Alternatively, expect completed appraisal service within 7 days of assignment; a 10-day first report on limited or full adjustment assignments, with 30-day reports thereafter.
  • Supervisory Oversight and Review – We hold every appraisal and claim to the same high standards over the life of the assignment. We also review all outbound reports via digital transcription.
  • Conflict of Interest - Both clients are advised immediately and we will normally refrain from handling the “second in the door,” unless both clients are amenable and then only with separate adjusters without interchange of information.
  • Flexible Seasoned Adjusters – Our average adjuster has experience in excess of 20 years, and most are longtime residents of the areas they serve. However, if you prefer an adjuster from another locality, we can accommodate you. For complex assignments, we have GA class adjusters who are geographically unlimited within and around our service territories.

It’s Greene in the Carolinas... and VA & GA, too!